Hi there! 

This is my first blog post, at the time of writing is 22 August 2022.

I just lost a whopping $12,000 after being scammed by one of the biggest fraudsters company out there.
Sounds bad, right?

But let me tell you, it’s the best damn thing that’s ever happened to me.

I’ll dive deeper into that in a later post,
but first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Miky, and I’m a born-and-raised Italian badass who’s always been driven by a relentless passion for life, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow in all aspects, be it spiritually, financially, or simply as a person.

I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. It’s like a never-ending buffet for my brain, and I just can’t get enough. Some might call me a nerd, but I prefer the term “Master Mind” because it’s all I’m trying to achieve: to master my own mind.

The greater your desire for self-improvement and personal growth, the more apparent it becomes that time is the most valuable asset. Developing and mastering skills requires time, as well as patience and dedication. This can be especially challenging if you are working a 9-5 job.


So one of my main goals was to acquire the skills necessary to work as a freelancer, giving me the freedom to manage my own time and sell my services whenever and wherever I choose. This way, if I wanted to move to a different city, I could do so without worrying about losing my job or being tied down to a specific location.

And so I did. By becoming a freelancer, I gained the freedom to manage my time and offer my services wherever and whenever I wanted. For 14 years, I traveled the world exploring and living in more than 34 countries, learning multiple languages and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge along the way. And that’s what I believe Financial Freedom truly means (to me) – having the ability to live life on your own terms.

After 14 years of constant travel and adventure, I made the decision to settle down and open my own business. While this brought me immense knowledge and growth, it also came with its own set of challenges. Running a physical business meant that my time was no longer my own, and I found myself constantly drained and overwhelmed.

Within just six months, something nobody could have predicted happened: the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. It was a harsh lesson that taught me the importance of diversifying my income streams. Lockdowns and restrictions made it clear that having all my eggs in one basket was a huge risk. Although I have been investing in dividend stocks and cryptocurrencies for many years, I realized the importance of diversifying my income streams and improving my cash flow.

Back then, I was also dabbling in currency trading, but I didn’t have the consistency to make it a reliable source of income. However, as time went on, I realized that I was deeply passionate about trading and had a burning desire to master that Art. It had everything I was looking for in a career: the ability to work from my laptop anywhere in the world, the freedom to choose my own trading style and assets class, and the satisfaction of knowing that my success hinged solely on my own skills and abilities.

Through my own mistakes, I came to understand that trading demanded a complete shift in mindset. To succeed, I had to develop discipline and emotional control, and I had to stick to my own set of rules, transforming myself into a better more balanced individual.

As soon as I threw away all the books on technical analysis and unsubscribed from Trading YouTube channels, I began to focus solely on mindset, money management, and risk control. It was then that I began to experience serious, consistent wins and achieve profitability on long term basis (2+ years).

Through my past investment in stocks and cryptos, I’m now on a path to reaching $1M even tough my target is set to $10M. On this blog I’ll be documenting my journey to 10x what I have now to hit my target for Financial Freedom, while also working on adding new online income streams. Additionally, I’ll be sharing tips to my newsletter subscribers to help them speed up their journey to financial freedom”

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